Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some great finds....

Yesterday was a day for great finds. First, we found a french bakery within walking distance of the hotel. So the five pounds I lost coming over, will probably turn into a ten pound gain by the time I return home. The second great find was a laundromat. We can do laundry at the hotel-it's $4 to wash/dry and it takes about 2 hours to do one load. We dropped 3 loads off at the Good Earth Laundry and with a tip it was only $11-now that was a great find.

I also found a fabric store-lots and lots of tropical print fabric and it was only $4.95 per yard. I'm hoping to find someone to make some traditional dresses for the girls and then I'll use some of the other fabric for quilting.

There are a couple of restaurants here which are completely "safe". You can drink the water, the ice, and eat the salad. Small things I know, but a really big deal as we are starting to be "vegetable deprived". The hotel restaurant is called Enra, and last night we were there for the "Pizza and Pasta Night". It was amazingly good and reasonably priced. Friday night is Mexican Fiesta night so we are looking forward to catching a few tacos. I know some of you are probably laughing since we are on a beautiful tropical island and have fish/seafood at our disposal for every meal and here we are eating pasta and tacos! Old habits are hard to break!

We are planning to go to the Tides Table for dinner this evening where the internet connection is much better so I'll try to post a pic or two later.

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  1. Sounds like you made some great finds in the past few days!

    I sincerely hope that both girls are feeling better now and that you haven't caught anything from them. It must be pretty scary not knowing where you can get good medical attention in a foreign country. When we were in China and my parents were with the boys, Garrett got a higher fever than he had ever had before. Of course, it was on a weekend when my mom couldn't even get in touch with his regular doctor! She ended up getting him an appointment at an after hours evening and weekend clinic. Still I know how hard it is for your child to be sick and for you not to have your regular doctors close at hand.

    Thinking of you often,