Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me............

Yep, it's finally here....another birthday. Last year on my birthday we had just come home with Baby K from the RMI. In fact, we arrived home on July 22nd, the day before my birthday. I remember being so happy to finally be home that my birthday was just an afterthought to all the blessings that I was counting-a new baby, a safe return home, running water, consistent electricity, the impending start of kindergarten, iced coffee, Subway veggie sandwiches.....

Now a whole year has passed and once again I'm thankful for all the blessings that have been bestowed on me-two beautiful girls, a healthy family, good friends, way too much good food.....

The summer is flying by! My G has taken to the water like a fish this summer. My child who didn't even want to get her face wet in the bathtub is now jumping off of the diving board. I like that she has conquered her fear but now I'm a little fearful of her fearlessness:-)

G jumping off of the diving board

D-daddy, Baby K and Grammy at the pool

Last weekend we attended the Midwest Pacific Islands Reunion in Lexington, KY. It was a nice trip and a great opportunity to see lots of blended families like ours. The reunion was organized by adoptive families but the agency brought some of the CAA (Central Adoption Authority) officials over from the RMI. I learned that all of my letters have been delivered to Baby K's grandmother or BuBu in Marshallese (pronounced BooBoo). I can't tell you how happy that makes me to know that someone from her birth family knows how well she is doing. With any luck maybe we will get some correspondence back.

Baby K on the inflatables

Our friends from NY that we met in the RMI-and Baby K sleeping (just in time for the group photo)

While we were in Lexington we went to the Kentucky Horsepark and to a children's museum called The Explorium. I would have loved to been able to share some pics from the horsepark but I left both cameras and the video camera in the hotel:-( The park was 1200 acres and was home to retired racehorses, several equine associations and two different horse museums. The highlight of the visit for G was a tie between petting the foals and riding one of the ponies.

Both girls had a great time at the Explorium. There were age appropriate areas for both Baby K and G. Baby K had the most fun in the tot play area crawling on and off the tot sized furniture-hmmmmmm, I wonder what Santa might bring this year???? G loved the bubble room. I'm hoping you can see the bubble that she is pulling up around her in the pic below. (and no, Santa is not going to bring a bubble machine like that!)

"This chair is just my size"

G pulling the bubble up around her

In the Bubble Room at the Explorium