Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just hanging out

Yesterday was just a hang out kind of day-the first of many I'm afraid. The girls colds have gotten better, but now R has come down with it. I seem to be the only one who has missed it.

We're starting to think about R leaving on Monday and so we did some more handicraft shopping. We've gotten some great woven bags for the girls and their friends and I've gotten a couple of baskets that I really like. R found some shirts with the Marshall Islands flag on them that were a great find and price, so we all got shirts, even Baby K.

We utilized the taxis for the first time since we've been here and it was quite an experience. The taxis here are all small cars and most of you know that R is not a small man. He literally had to fold himself in the car. The taxis here are also not exclusive, meaning that they will keep picking up customers until they are full. Last evening when we left the Tides Table we happened to get a taxi who picked up our family and one more guy. The additional passenger was the same size as R and when the driver pulled into an alley to let the other big guy out, the car was dragging the road really bad. It was a wonder he was able to get the car out and back on the road in one piece. He and R shared a chuckle over how the "big guys" are hard on the cars.

G and I had a little "mommy and me" time today, which we've needed. She's doing a great job as a new big sister but it is still an adjustment to not be the only child. We walked down to the lagoon area at the hotel and I got a few pics of her. I'm still amazed each time I truly look at her, how blessed R and I are to have such beautiful, smart girls! We're already assuming that Baby K is going to be as smart and funny as G-if that isn't a parents bias, I don't know what is.


To Binky or Not to Binky

G at the hotel Lagoon


  1. Glad the girls are feeling better. Hope R gets better before he leaves. Nothing worse than traveling sick. My 2cents on the binky. I say Not!
    Have fun hanging out.

  2. Thought you may want some homeland news: Wegman's is open now. Very nice store. Crab cakes are wonderful.
    Michael Jackson had a heart attack & died. But I'm sure it's in the news there. It's everywhere. It's in the news here tooooooo Much!
    FCC isn't walking in the 4th Parade. Not enough participation. We weren't doing it anyway.
    Weather is not too hot. Rain mostly in the evenings when it does.
    Happy 4th of July.

  3. I vote yes for the Binky, as you can't cut off the thumb. James was a thumb sucker, and he probably still does in his sleep. Sounds like you guys are finding all the good stuff on the MI. Hope that God still keep you all in the palm of His hand til you get back. Kiss the girls.
    Love Auntie J