Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A surprise for Grammy

I met this wonderful new friend, who happens to be a photographer, and she spent some time photographing the girls playing. The result is hands down some of the most intimate, close-up, not posed photography that I've ever seen.

These pictures were taken in late November but I didn't want to put them on the blog until after the holiday because they were a surprise for Grammy. My new friend currently resides in Belgium but I'm hoping she is going to make a return visit next year so I can get some more of these beautiful pics. You can check out her work here at her website at

Now for a look at two beautiful girls.....

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Pics from 2010

So for the first time ever, my family got together for family pics. The group included: Grammy, D-Daddy, Uncle R, Aunt M and cousin RJ, and of course R and the girls.

The pictures were taken right before Halloween at Grammy and D-Daddy's house and turned out much better than I expected. The goal was to come away with a good group photo and then anything after that was icing on the cake. What I've loaded here is just a sample of some of the great shots that we got.

The pictures were taken by a wonderful, local photographer. You can check out her website here Tell her we recommended her, if you call:-)

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let's talk about the tree......

The tree has been with us for five years and it's been a good tree. It's withstood the family cats, child number one, and I was hoping it would make it thru child number two but much to my dismay, Charlie Brown has come to our house this year.

I'm not exactly sure how it happened but it appears to now have an unnatural lean from the top third up. Picture the tree in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". And to add further insult, it is only decorated from the middle to the top.

Baby K has now added "tree wrecker" to her resume. To stop further desecration we have pushed a large tote full of toys up to the base of the tree to hinder her pillaging.

It's an embarassing tree, really. There will be no full-size pictures of the tree this year and it has been decided that the tree will take immediate retirement after this season :-)

Here's a few up-close pics of the girls putting ornaments on said tree.

"Do I have to put this back on the tree?"

A relaxing moment after decorating the tree at Grammy's house.

And here's a photo of my wonderful Aunt M celebrating her 60th birthday! Aunt M-you don't look a day past 35!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Cards are in the mail

I've been a bit behind this year, okay, maybe no different from any other year, but it seems like I've still got a lot to do before the big day.

I'm thinking about holding a "Jones Family Wrapping Party"-anybody game????? :-)

I'm still back here on Thanksgiving pics-see how far behind I am?

Cutest Little Indian ever

The Cutest Indian and the "I'm not participating squaw"

More later, hopefully before Christmas............