Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Valentines Day is my favorite holiday--I think it's all the pink, and the hearts, and the flowers, and the general love theme. I want the girls to know that the holiday is about being with the people you love and letting them know how much they mean to you and so we try not to go overboard with activities and gifts.

The oldest girls had Valentine's parties at school where they got to exchange cards and candy. For G, the big deal was the cards and who sent them and what pictures they had on them. For K, it was the candy, and all about the candy. She is crazy over lollipops! I have found that I can get her to do just about anything for a "lolly". Yeah, I know that's bribing and I swore I'd never do that before I became a parent, but sometimes a Mom has to do, what a Mom has to do.

Below is a picture of the lovebugs. I love these little guys! They are made by Hallmark, and besides just being cute and ladybug like, they have a zippered compartment just big enough to hold a small treat. We put a little candy in each girl's bug, Baby M got new teethers, and set them on a new book. That was it. That was Valentine's Day this year and it was more than enough with all the extra from friends and family. Note to self---remember that for next year:-)

The lovebugs arrived with new books for the girls.

G's book was on her kindle

"I think I'll take the bananas instead."

"Hurry, I've got a donut waiting on me!"

The girls and their bugs

The girls and I had a great Valentine evening out with our very best friends at Chik-fil-A. I know you're thinking, Chik-Fil-A, what kind of Valentine's dinner was that? We had made reservations a couple of days ahead for a seated and served dinner and when we got there, a section had been set aside with balloons, flowers, and table decorations. The kids got to decorate heart-shaped cookies and the staff handed out chocolates and long-stem red roses. They even had a photographer taking family pics and putting them in small frames. All of this extra for no additional cost over the meal--you know that was talking my language :-)

It was done very nicely and was a nice Valentine's treat for the kids to have dinner out, and on another positive note, I didn't have to cook!

Sharing dinner with a friend

Thursday, February 16, 2012

And another baby item for the list

I definitely wanted to put this bath seat on the fav list. It's one of the older model Safety First seats--they made a definite improvement to the newer model which I'll discuss in moment.

We borrowed this seat from a friend to use while G was little and probably used it up until she was 18 months old (can you say helicopter parent? :-) I love that it suctions to the bath, that it is pretty compact and can be stored fairly easily.

When K came around, I was able to find one on ebay that was in great condition and now we have that one and the one that we reborrowed from our friend is at Grammy's house for the weekend visits.

My only negative is that the top of the ring is adjustable and you have to be careful moving the baby around in it or you can pinch their arms. I noticed on the new models that the top ring is not adjustable--that's a nice improvement. Nice enough that I'll probably buy one since Baby M will use this for a while.

Bathing cutie

Took these pics at Grammy's house when I had all the girls in those cute tutu skirts. Of course, the ones that turned out the best don't even show the skirts! I love a digital camera--200 shots and 3 good ones to keep:-)


A little sisterly love

"No, really, you flatter me too much with all these pictures!"

Some of my favorite baby/kid toys

With three girls who span the age spectrum, I am always looking for toys that they can all play with. It's a challenge to find things that aren't too "babyish" for the almost 8 year-old (she reminds me almost daily about that :-) and not too advanced for the younger crew.

Top of my list are Lego Duplos. I know they are a little "chunky" for the older crowd but it does allow all three kids to sit and play and have some interaction using the same toy. G builds, K throws and Baby M chews--I'd say that's a successful playtime!

Next on my list it's a tie between the Bright Starts Activity Center and the Playskool Busy Ball Popper. They both scan the spectrum on ages. When we first received the activity center, Baby M could barely touch the floor with her feet, now she is literally running around it. What makes it so great is that when she outgrows the seat part, it detaches and you still have the activity table to play with.

When G was a baby, we had one of the exersaucers--it was big, round, took up a lot of floor space and once she became a little mobile, she didn't want to be confined to it. We then purchased an activity table where she could stand and play. I really like that the Bright Starts Activity Center is a combination of the two toys. The circular design of the activity table also means that both Baby M and K can play with it at the same time--that allows me to relax, put my feet up and have a steaming, frothing cup of cappuccino. Okay, that's a joke, but it does allow me to stand in the kitchen and wash dishes and fold laundry while they are playing. Reality really stinks sometimes!

Just cute!

"Let me at those balls!"

"I got it, I got it!"