Monday, June 9, 2014

Blogger guilt..........

Blogger guilt........I'll admit that I haven't been too active on here lately, but didn't realize it had been almost two months!  I could say, "wow, where has the time gone?", but I know where it's gone.  In those two months, we've celebrated Easter and Mother's Day, the oldest got Invisalign, the youngest has undergone more allergy testing, we've attended school programs, gone to class picnics and field trips, completed a season of Lil' Kickers soccer, graduated from Preschool and moved up to 5th grade, and we've continued weekly dance and flute lessons. And just to make it interesting, throw in a trip to Disney at the end of all that.  In other words, we've been slam busy with life and instead of writing about it, I've been living it.  So no apologies from this guilty blogger!

A Disney post will follow shortly---too many cute pics to include here.  Here are some pics to bring this up-to-date:

Easter morning.
Who knew you could find the Easter Bunny at McDonalds?

Art show at school
K and her BFF's.
G getting her Invisalign.  You can't see them because they are "invisible"--hahaha

One of our multiple trips to the pediatric dermatologist.  Thank goodness for electronic devices!

A trip to the Science Museum.

Little Miss M on the playground.
K at her class picnic.
Here's my soccer girl.  Only girl on her team and only player with a pink princess ball.

G at her end-of-year awards program at school.

Seriously, could this kid's smile get any bigger?  She had just won a tablet for collecting the most boxtops/labels for education.

K and her BFF at their graduation party.
I can't believe she's going to be a kindergartner in the fall!