Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Does Vacation have to end????

I think I've been in a bit of a post-vacation funk.  It's been two weeks since we returned home and I really just have not felt quite like myself.  No explanation for it really, but just kind of motoring along and feeling as if I am trudging thru each day.  Quite honestly, I feel as if I am in slow motion but everything around me is speeding by.  The kids are back in school and their assorted activities have us doing something everyday.  Our schedule is anything but slow.  I think I may have a sinus infection or maybe it's just seasonal allergies, but it certainly isn't helping my disposition to wake-up with a headache each day.

G is doing well at her new school and seems to like it.  The program is pretty structured but yet has enough flexibility to offer some "extras".  She has joined the American Heritage Girls troop--similar to the Girl Scout program but more Christ centered--and is also participating in a club.  She was very excited to get her first choice in the club selection--stop motion animation.  I'm feeling very "connected".  The teacher and administration are very good at staying in touch via email and notes coming home.  Grade reports are sent out weekly or you can check them independently thru their online system.

First day of school

G and Lollipop doing some "free reading".

K is settling into preschool.  She likes her new teachers--even though she initially insisted she had to go back to her old classroom.  She has one little girl who was in her class from last year and G's cheer coach's son is in her class.  Not that I should have worried about her knowing anyone--she's my social butterfly!

K practicing her cheer moves!
 M and I are trying to settle into our routine when the big girls are at school.  We go to Toddlin' Time once a week and maybe try to also throw a playdate in there somewhere.  It's amazing how quickly that times goes by when it is just she and I.

Look at that smile!

A little sisterly choke---I mean, sisterly love!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blog Analytics

Since I had a few moments to myself the other day, I thought I would check my blog analytics just for kicks.  I've noticed that the blogs I follow are usually the ones who "check-in", just as I'm sure I'm a predictable name on their analytics.

I was quite surprised when I saw one on there that I didn't recognize.  (Blogger analytics gives you the capability to click on the referring page links and go to their sites.)  I was even more surprised when I clicked on it, and it went to a very raunchy, porn site :-(  There were pictures on there of things I couldn't quite identify and I really didn't want to spend anytime trying to identify them---ick!!!!! 

What boggles my mind is how anyone who was on that site would have any interest in my little family blog???? and how they would get from that site to my blog????

A mystery for sure........

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trying to settle into the new routine.....

I have so many ideas for blog posts running around in my head these days but can't seem to find the time to actually get any of them down. 

G and K are both now officially back in school and so maybe I'll find a little more "me" time.  Today was K's first day at preschool and she was such a trooper.  She had her little backpack on and went right on into her class without a hitch--I love that girl's fearlessness.  After leaving the preschool, I had Baby M all to myself and it was really nice!  We went to our favorite play place together and had a nice walk downtown--I think I could get used to it :-)

We had a great trip to the Outer Banks last week and I've got lots of pics to post.  If you follow on Facebook then you've probably already seen the great pics taken by my friend and favorite photographer, April Receveur.  We were fortunate to have our best friends and Aunt M accompany us.  Lots of good times, giggles, and DQ ice cream.

For now, I'll leave you with these pics of some backyard fun we had right before our beach vacation.  You might say it was "trip prep".