Friday, July 10, 2009

Good News!!!

We found out yesterday that our papers have left Manila-that means they could arrive here early next week and we could be on the Wednesday night flight out. That would put us arriving home on Thursday. At the latest, we would leave Friday night and be home on Saturday. Assuming this all goes my way, we would have been on this journey less than 30 days-that's almost unheard of.

I'm not sure why HI and Manila processed so quickly, but we're very thankful!

Last night we went to a Marshallese talent show. There was a lot of dancing and singing. We had a great time and I managed to get some video to show Baby K later.

We also had our last dinner with Baby K's birthmom. She was leaving for one of the outer islands and so we said our farewells. I wish she had of been able to stay longer but I know it must have been very hard for her.

Have some great pics to share but the connection is not cooperating this morning. Will try again later.

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