Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Papers Are On The Move

I checked our tracking number this morning and our papers have left Hong Kong. I'm not sure of the exact route but I know from talking with the family that just left that it will make several stops before coming back to Majuro. We're hoping for a Wednesday evening flight out so keep your fingers crossed!

Welcome to the two new families who arrived yesterday. G was so excited to have new playmates! and it was nice to share experiences with the new families. Good luck on your journey in the MI!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend a kemen. Family #2's little girl celebrated her first birthday and a kemen party is how they celebrate in the Marshalll Islands. There was a lot of food and singing. After everyone had eaten and had cake the ladies all formed a kind of receiving line and sang and moved toward the birthday girl offering gifts and blessings. It was a really moving experience.

Check out the picture of the girls in their matching dressesd. Will try to post pic later-connection is too slow:-)

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