Thursday, July 16, 2009

More pics from yesterday

Wanted to post these yesterday but the connection was too slow-I will never take our DSL for granted again.

The first pic is of Baby K and her maternal grandmother. It is striking how much the grandmother and birth mother look alike. During lunch, we asked her how many grandchildren she had and she replied that she had eight and that she was 43 years old. That makes her one year older than me. Somebody out there please tell me that I don't look quite that old :-)

The second pic is of G and her new ukelele. We have now added that to our collection of musical instruments-watch out D-daddy because I know she is want to going to bring it to your house to share.

Just met one of the scientists that is staying here-they are here on a "shadow tracking" expedition. There is going to be a full eclipse on 7/22, so mark your calendars at home and tune into CNN. We were asked if we would like to stay and watch but I think just seeing it on the TV will suffice for me this time around.

Baby K and Marina

G and her ukelele

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  1. No, you don't look that old! The fact that she is only 43 and looks like that tells me what a hard life the MI people must have. I'm grateful that I'm an American. Thanks for sharing the pics. Wendy