Saturday, July 25, 2009

Home and Settling In

Thanks everyone for your notes and messages! We made it home on Wednesday afternoon and were met at the airport by a very happy Daddy.

I want to say thanks to my friend for sending the Pauls's raspberry pie and to my Mom for cleaning up before we came home-almost makes me want to go away again-Just Joking!

On our last day in HI we went to Waikiki Beach and got some great pics of the girls. It was amazing how cold the water was after being in the MI for a month.

Baby K at Waikiki Beach

G at Waikiki Beach

The flight out of HI was pretty uneventful. Baby K slept almost the entire way from to Houston and G fell asleep after watching "Monsters vs. Aliens". I wish I could have said the same thing. I find it almost impossible to sleep on an airplane-the combination of the noise and the uncomfortable seats and the constant movement of people.

By the time our flight from Houston to Richmond touched down, I was exhausted. You basically lose one night's sleep. I did manage to get the girls changed into the dresses that I had made in the MI-the all important coming home outfits:-)

We had lots of family come over to see us-see pics-and thankfully, my mom spent the night. The first night home wasn't too bad, but the second night was our "hit the wall" night. G was up until almost 3:30pm and Baby K was up every 2 hours. I'm hoping that the worst of the jet lag has now passed. I've managed to get all the laundry done and all the suitcases except for one unpacked-now we're just trying to get settled into a routine.

Grammy and the girls

D-daddy and Baby K

Mimi and Baby K

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  1. Thank you so much for posting about your wonderful trip. My husband and I are waiting "any day now" for our referral to the RMI. We can't wait to travel!!! My husband will return home with my older children after 2 weeks, so I was so glad to watch your trip via your blog. I think I can do it now!!! Your girls are so beautiful. Thanks again for sharing your trip with us!