Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The girls both have colds

A cold sounds so simple, but can be so complicated when you are away from home in an environment where the clinic opens when they feel like it and the phone system is not always reliable. We've been having trouble calling from room to room at the hotel so the prospect of having to make a 911 call, if needed, is pretty scary.

G is pretty much over her fever but still has a hacking cough. The baby had me scared most of the night with a fever that ran from 101 to 102.50 It's a really good thing that Family #2 is still here with us and has 4 children under their belt so to speak. I was a nervous wreck when that baby's temp kept going up.

We've got both girls on Tylenol and are hopeful that all this will pass in a day or so.

Here's a couple of pics that we took at the airport when family #1 left that we weren't able to post yesterday.

Afternoon sky

Marshall Islands Rainbow

Flat Stanley does the Marshall Islands

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