Monday, November 25, 2013

Tales From the Back of the Bus

For good or bad, the family van has now become known as the "Silver Bullet."  K likes to throw her arms up as we are going around the curve of the exit to the interstate like she is on a roller coaster.  R consistently grabs onto the "oh sh**" handle (as he likes to call it) when I'm driving.  All this grief and I haven't had a ticket or an accident in 20+ years.

But onto other things.......

On the way home the other day, G is relaying a story of something that K did that did not set well with her.  She said, "that really pulls my trigger."  I think that's the nine year-old version of "that pushes my buttons."  It was hard not to chuckle as she was being quite serious.

The picture below is the girls in their Halloween finery.  This year they were Dorothy, Sofia, and Cinderella.