Friday, October 14, 2011

She's 4 months old

I can't believe that four months ago I watched this beautiful little soul enter the world! She is growing so quickly! Her neck and head muscles are getting stronger and so we thought we would try her out in a Bumbo seat.

Getting the feel of the new seat.

"I'm liking the Bumbo seat!"

Last week she started rolling over from back to front--once she makes it over on her tummy and gets her arm out from under her, she lifts that little head up and just grins.

And this last pic is of my beautiful K, who by the way, has officially reached the "terrible two's". Of late, her response to everything and anything is "no". If I say, "Time for dinner", she says, "no". If I say, "Let's go out and play", she says, "no". You get the's hoping that this stage passes quickly.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And October has made it's way in......

Wow! I can't believe that October is already here. The next thing you know, I'll blink and it will be Thanksgiving. R reminded me just last week that by this time last year, that I had already gotten a good start on the Christmas shopping. Well, not this year my friends--I've been a bit preoccupied with cuter things :-)

G has recently started cheerleading with a local group and this past weekend was her first parade. It was a small parade to basically give the girls a "trial run" before the Christmas parade. What really scares me is that it was cold outside--maybe 45 degrees--I'm not looking forward to the cold temps in December--brrrrrrrhh! Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not a cold weather person. I would rather be sitting in the heat and humidity than shivering in the cold. (I always carry a jacket to the grocery store in the summer because the A/C makes it too cold to shop.)

After the parade, and a nap for the tired, cranky 2 year-old (and the mommy :-), we went to our friends birthday party at the bowling alley. I took G and Baby M and then R brought K over after the party was well under way. My thought was that the bowling would be over and K could join our friends for pizza and cake, but the kids were still bowling and of course, K wanted to participate. I'm so sorry that I didn't have my camera because it was so cute to watch her lift those big balls onto the stand and then jump for joy after they had gone down the lane. She loves her friends A and M and they just dote on her. The birthday girl let her help pass out the birthday favors and you can see by the pic below that she really enjoyed her party favor:-)

Cutest cheerleader!

K waiting not so patiently for the parade to start

Action shot of the girls

"Hey, this dog is talking to me"

Grammy and girls after the parade (note disgruntled look on tired 2 year-olds face)

Thanks for the lolly Miss K!

Cutest baby ever!