Friday, December 23, 2011

Fa La La La La...........and Christmas Marches On

Okay, just realized that this post was still setting in my "drafts". Enjoy the before Christmas pics and I'll try to get Christmas up shortly!
Christmas Eve is upon us and we're getting ready to embark on another gift opening extravaganza with R's family. We started celebrating our holiday earlier in the week with dinner and gifts at Grammy and D-daddy's house and then dinner and gifts at Mimi and Papa's house. The scheduling can be a bit hectic but I actually prefer doing it this way because it allows the kids to enjoy their gifts in small increments instead of just being overwhelmed by one big paper-shredding moment.

Grammy and D-daddy gave the girls new boots and digital cameras. When asked what was her favorite gift, K replied, "the candycane." May it always be that simple :-)

This was an attempt at getting a pic of the three girls after the gift opening and some playing.

I was more successful getting a pic of the oldest and the youngest together.

Our next Christmas stop was at Mimi and Papa's. By this time K had the hang of the gift opening thing and couldn't wait to open presents.

Getting some help from Papa

A Kindle from Mimi and Papa

"Look at me, I'm a present"

We also made a trip to Christmastown--our second year to go and we had a great time once again, though we did miss going with our friends this year :-( For those not familiar with Christmastown--it's Busch Gardens transformed into this incredibly beautiful place with tons of lights. There are 3 or 4 shows that you can take in and some of the rides are actually running.

"Yes, Baby M is in there:-)"


Just a Swingin' at Christmastown

The Girls and Santa

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happiness is....

Sharing a laugh

Napping with Santa

Making cookies with friends

Eating cookies with friends