Monday, April 25, 2011

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail

Easter Sunday signals the end of the G's spring break and hopefully, the crazy schedule we've been trying to keep up with!

We attended our favorite Easter event with our China friends, took K to a preschool Easter egg hunt, attempted to get a picture with the Easter Bunny, visited the Air and Space Museum and Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, colored Easter eggs, and did I forget to mention we saw a big pink bunny on the way :-)

G at one of the Easter Egg hunts

K would have been much happier without the Easter bonnet

and we spotted this bunny along the way......

Our attempt at getting a pic with the Easter Bunny

Grammy and the girls at the botanical gardens

G at the botanical gardens

K at the botanical gardens

Coloring Easter eggs at Grammy's house

G coloring eggs

K was not ready to "be done" coloring eggs

At church with Mimi and Papa on Easter Sunday

Grammy, D-daddy and Aunt J at the beach on Easter Sunday

G and Aunt J

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break is here

It's early, early, early and I'm up and G is on Spring Break this week---what's up with that? Spring Break should be a time to sleep in and relax but this week is turning into anything but that-"sigh"

I don't remember doing it, but we've got multiple things scheduled each day this week. There are Easter/spring activities planned for the girls, doctor's appointments, hair appointments, sleepovers, cats to the vet appointments, and I'm exhausted trying to remember them all.

Here's a picture recap from the past few weeks:

K went to her first birthday party and was overjoyed when she found lollipops, which she calls "lollies", in the pinata. So excited was she, that she fell asleep with the stick in her mouth--gotta love that girl!

K's Birthday Day! Poor thing had just been to the doctor and had strepthroat and I didn't want to overload her with a big birthday cake so we celebrated with an Elmo cupcake.

G's class went to the Children's Science Museum and look what they got to experience. Who knew that milking a cow could be considered science?

K had her birthday party at her favorite place---Toddlin' Time. I have to say that for a 2 years-old party that it went smashingly well. All the invitees were also Toddlin' Time attendees and so because it was familiar and led by their favorite teacher, Miss Caroline, they were comfortable enough to let their hair down and play.

Lickin' the spoon from the chocolate cake that I was making for her family birthday party. Anyone see a pattern here---this household has extended birthday celebrations!

Swingin' at Grammy's house

One look at that cheese eatin' grin and you can see that I pulled her away from the swing to try and get these pics of the cousins----there's got to be one in every group pic and she happens to be mine:-)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New pics of the girls

I took the girls to have birthday pics taken this week at one of the local picture studios and the results are below. K is such a "wildcard" when it comes to sitting still for pictures that I try to go in without too many expectations and then I can be pleasantly surprised with the results.

The first pic is my favorite and it was also the first picture that the photographer took. Things started to go a bit downhill from there and K was just a moving target unless G was holding her down---not the best tactic for a relaxed looking pic :-)

Crazy type A person that I am, I thought we would try to visit the Easter Bunny for pics since we were right there at the Mall after our photo session but 20 minutes of photos (maybe I should say, chasing K for photos) was all I could take! There's always next week :-)