Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still in HI

Today was a great day! I had unlimited internet usage, a McDonald's iced mocha, and a Subway vegetarian sub-doesn't that sound like a perfect day?

Aunt M, the girls and I were so exhausted that we didn't make it out of the bed until 8:30am this morning and then didn't get out of the room until about 2:00pm. We tested out the HI bus system and did a little shopping. We hit the Walmart for diapers, wipes and formula-I was a little nervous that I didn't have enough to complete the trip home. The last thing I wanted to do was pay airport prices for diapers!

We also stopped at a very nice mall and found a Disney store and a Gymboree store-see picture of Baby K's first shopping trip. I picked up the Hawaiian dolls that G and I had admired at the airport on the way over for $3 less than what was at the airport. I think the dolls look more Marshallese than Hawaiian. They've got the cutest dresses on-just like the guams the Marshallese girls wear. I had hoped to pick up some dolls while we were in MI but found out that the girls don't have dolls there to play with. I learned that they still play "house" with a mom, dad, kids, etc. but that they use shells or sea glass to simulate those characters. So my Hawaiian dolls are going to be my Marshallese dolls.

Big news for G-she has lost another tooth. The second one she has lost while away from home. I told her Daddy would leave the Tooth Fairy a note at home and that I was sure there would be something waiting for her there-take note Daddy and Grammy to make sure the Tooth Fairy delivers before Wednesday :-)

Tomorrow we are off to Waikiki Beach and if we have time, to China Town. We drove thru China Town today and it looks like it would be a great place to take G to visit-lots of open markets and shops. They even have a Chinese Cultural Center that I'd like to check out.

Baby K's first shopping trip

G lost another tooth


  1. Baby K looks happy to have been shopping. Safe travels home!

  2. Could you post a pic of the dolls? I've been searching for some dolls to purchase for our RMI adoption. thanks! no hurry..hope you enjoy your short Hawaii visit and safe travels home