Monday, June 22, 2009

Another baby pic from today

I just couldn't resist adding one more baby pic. I can't believe that in less than 24 hours she will be all ours!

Today we met the foster mom and it was so evident how much she loves taking care of these babies. Baby K is absolutely gorgeous and healthly looking-we had heard so many stories of the babies being underweight or having skin conditions and there is absolutely no evidence of that on Baby K. We feel so blessed to have had such a great foster mom.

We were hoping to meet the birthmom today but didn't have that opportunity yet-maybe tomorrow. It's almost 8:00pm here-we're 16 hours ahead of eastern time-and we're getting ready to go and meet with the attorney and to go over what will happen at court tomorrow. That would never happen in the US! It seems like most things here are open and ongoing later in the day and into the evening-I'm sure it's because of the heat.

Tonight we had dinner with the other family staying here at the Tides Table-good food, reasonable prices, and great company. It has been so nice to have someone else here to kind of show us around and tell us what is going to happen-we're going to miss them when they return home. G is really enjoying having some kids here that are close to her age to play with. Hopefully, we can return the favor by doing the same for the family that is arriving tomorrow.


  1. She looks tinier than the ref. picture. Maybe she won't grow out of all the clothes you already have too fast.
    Everything seems to be running smooth. Hope it continues. Relax & have fun!

  2. She is gorgeous! We have all been oohing and aahing over the pictures this morning. Will continue to pray! Love to you all four!

  3. I now search your BLOG before I even open my e-mail. She looks like a happy little doll, and healthy. G looks so proud to have a sister. Congradulations on your new daughter, Kailee Jones, what a sweetheart. Auntie J

  4. What a darlling! She has such a big smile for a 2 month old! I'm so happy for you all - thanks for sharing the pictures. Wendy