Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just hanging out

We are just hanging out today. It seems to take an incredibly long time to do things here. Yesterday, it took 2 hours to do one load of laundry. G had the opportunity to play in the hotel pool with the kids from Family #. That gave the adults some time to sit and talk-it was nice.

Today we are going to replenish supplies and try to make contact with Baby K's birthmom. We'd like to go ahead and setup PO Box for her if needed since Family #2 told us there were a few available.

The baby only got up once last night so everyone had a much better rest. I leave you today with a few pictures from around the hotel.

the view from behind the hotel


  1. Wow, from the picture you look like you're in paradise!

    I'm glad that the baby slept better last night and that you all got some much needed rest. Enjoy each moment! Wendy

  2. The view is worth a thousand words, looks like paradise. I could sit and look at the ocean for hours, hope that you have the ocean breeze too, as that helps with the humidity.
    Glad that K slept better last night. You will get use to her routine. When you are home she will be adjusted to your routine. I hope. Take things slow, as they do over there. I have learned in the past five years that a water community moves with the tides.
    Auntie J

  3. At least you have a peaceful scenery. Looks beautiful. I'm sure that baby will adjust just fine. I just thought of a cute photo op. if you can get it. Try to put the Baby's footprints in the sand along with G's. Maybe everyones in the family for a different kind of family photo. Get it before R. leaves. Siena's party is tomorrow. I'll be saving a favor for Big Sister.