Thursday, June 11, 2009

We have a court date!

We received our "tentative" court date today. We need to arrive in Majuro by Monday, June 22nd and our court date is scheduled for Tuesday, June 23rd. With all of the time change and the multiple flights we will most likely need to leave by next Friday to get there on time.

I've contacted a travel agency that specializes in adoption travel so provided the travel portion of this journey goes smoothly, I'll give them a mention on our blog for all of you still waiting to travel :-)

I spent a good portion of today trying to tie up loose ends-last minute shopping, gifts to take with us, etc. I'm feeling pretty organized at the moment but I'm sure as next Friday gets closer, my list will get longer instead of shorter.

Getting the baby's picture made it seem a little more real but having a travel date means it's really happening! It all seems almost surreal after all of this time spent waiting-we will have Baby Jones in our arms in less than 2 weeks!

Stay posted........

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  1. Hope all goes as planned. Settle down and have a nice cup of tea for now. Talk later.