Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trip to Laura Beach

This morning after breakfast we set out for Laura Beach. Our understanding was that it would take approx. an hour to get there. The directions were simple-just drive past the airport and keep going until the road runs out-then you are there.

As we started out, R noticed that we needed gas in the "tuna can". We assumed that we would be able to stop along the way and fill up-hello Dorothy, you're not in Kansas any more-after we were 30 minutes into the drive, and after stopping and asking 3 people if there was a gas station up ahead we decided to turn around and head back to the hotel to fill up. So the first hour of our trip was basically a circle-remember that earlier post about how everything takes longer here?

Exactly 1 hour after we set out, we set out again. This time with a full tank of gas :-) After driving for about an hour, the road did indeed end, and we were at the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. We couldn't stay long because of the heat and the sheer power of the sun but we'll definitely take Aunt M back to visit when she gets here.

The "tuna can"

Laura Beach

Baby K on the beach


  1. Love the pictures of the beach again. I realize there is much poverty down there, but it really does look like paradise.

    Bill and I drove a VERY similar "car" on our honeymoon in the Cayman Islands. Just curious - do you hold the baby in your lap or did they provide some kind of car seat? I giggle when I ask because I can't imagine that they use car seats there!

    I really enjoy all your updates. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Wendy

  2. I can see why R calls the car TUNA CAN. Love picture of K at the beach. She gets sweeter with each new photo. Love her smile. Bet G spends alot of her time getting K to laugh and smile.

    Thank You Again, for uploading the pics, it makes the day when I see how fast K is fitting into the family. Give G a hug and tell her Auntie and Chicco miss her.

  3. That's one pretty bathing beauty!
    She looks like she's loving all the attention with those happy smiles. We sure do envy you guys having such a beautiful beach. Sounds like a lot of "hang loose" time for you.
    Keep the pics coming.

  4. Congratulations!! She's beautiful. We love following your trip and we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Can't wait to meet the newest Jones. Elizabeth Coulson