Monday, June 15, 2009

Here we come RMI

Travel arrangements have been made-we leave early Friday morning and will arrive in the RMI on Sunday afternoon after several stops and a very short night in Honolulu. Our court dates is Tuesday, June 23rd, so very shortly after arriving, we'll have Baby K!

The packing continues, or shall I say the repacking-the bags can not be over 50lbs each and so I keep moving things around between the bags to try to balance it all out.

I've managed to get Skype setup on several computers so hopefully we will be able to stay connected with family. My folks are already having "G withdrawal" so it's important that we be able to get in touch with each other on a regular basis :-)

Just found out this evening that another family has their court date the day after ours so they will be in the RMI the same time that we are-it will be nice to have another family to share the experience with. That was one of the nice things about our trip to China for G-we traveled with 11 other families and have managed to stay in touch with all of them.

Our annual Jiangxi Travel Group reunion is Aug 14th-16th and we're planning on going-even if we've only been home a couple of weeks-R and I both feel that it's important for G to have those connections and it's good for us to see the people that were part of one of the most positive experiences in our lives.

More later, back to repacking.....

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