Saturday, June 20, 2009

We're in HI and online for the moment

We're in HI-got here last night and thought we'd be able to connect in the room but the service has been down all night. This is probably just preparing me for what it's going to be once we get to the MI. I was able to check email this morning and we'll be staying at the Marshall Islands Resort once we get into MI.

The flight from Newark was llloooonnnnngggggg! Really hoping our return trip will connect in Houston instead-still be the same amount of time but would definitely be better to break it half. Poor G was miserable, and consequently, we were miserable with her:-)

Hope you enjoy the notes and pic from yesterday and we'll post again once we are in the MI.

This a note that I put together in the airport yesterday once we made it to Newark:

Well we made it to Newark, NJ, we’ve had breakfast (of which I refuse to actually comprehend the cost of right now) and are now hanging out waiting for the next flight to Honolulu. I thought I’d connect the netbook and call home to chit chat but you have to pay for service here and at the moment, I’m not desperate enough to spend the ten dollars. Now tonight in Honolulu will be a different matter.

The first flight was rather uneventful so I’m hopeful that this next leg will go just as smooth. For anyone about to travel with kids I can highly recommend Bendaroos. G saw them advertised on TV a couple of weeks ago (I know, it’s pretty scary that we’ve gone from a jet-setting couple to buying items that are sold on the TV) and I actually found them at our local AC Moore. If you are not familiar with Bendaroos, they are colored strings covered in a heavy wax and you can use them to build/create projects. The nice thing is that they appear to be reusable for a long period of time. G and I crafted Tuck and Ming Ming from the WonderPets on the flight from Richmond to Newark. I expect that by the time this trip is over that we’ll both be qualified sculpters.

I got some great pics yesterday while we were waiting in Newark for our flight to HI. I bet you had no idea that you could do so much with a neck pillow-


  1. congratulations! she's as beautiful as her big sister. i can't wait to get my hands on her. only 13 days to go. give each other kisses and hugs for me. love you, aunt mary