Thursday, June 16, 2011

We're Home (or at least at the hotel)

We made it here late this afternoon. It was amazing how long it took the hospital to go thru the discharge process---the good thing is that they were very thorough in going over the discharge orders with mom and baby, the bad thing is that there were 7 discharges on the maternity floor, so it just took awhile.

It was an emotional and exhausting day for all of us. Sweet baby Maddie is sleeping like an angel at this point. R went down to the Manager's Reception and we had sliders, salad and cupcakes for dinner. They offered beer, wine and soda to drink which is so interesting to us because it's illegal to give away beer/wine in Virginia. Just in case you're wondering----we had soda.

We already had a clothes changing incident because I didn't get the diaper on just right. I was being so careful not to get it on her belly button/cord and it wound up just sliding down her backside and now we have laundry to wash:-)

Going to try and get some sleep since I'll be back up in a couple of hours for the next feeding! More tomorrow.

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