Sunday, June 12, 2011

We Made it to Arkansas and What a Ride It's Been Getting Here

For anyone just joining in, this is my journal on our trip to Baby Jones #3. Our first adoption from start to finish took 14 months, the second took 3 years, and this one is right at the 1 month mark.

Baby Jones is due by C-section tomorrow at 7:30am so hopefully there will be some pictures to post.

Getting here has been a challenge to say the least and I'm not sure that getting all the paperwork completed here is going to be any easier. We are still waiting on our VA background clearances to come thru so that our homestudy can be finalized and fedexed to us. Our attorney here in AR has handled adoption cases but mostly family cases--does anyone besides me see a huge margin for error here?

Physically getting here was a challenge-our flight out of Richmond was delayed 2 hours because of weather, causing us to miss the connecting flight in Dallas, forcing us to stay overnight at the only hotel that American Airlines could line up at 10:30am on a Saturday night-the Super 8. The discounted rate for "distressed passenger" was $49.99. That's a pretty high rate to pay for what I would consider, "roughin' it". I was spraying everything in the room with Sleep-tite (bed bug spray-many thanks to my friend K!) and was scared to let my bare feet touch the floor.

R and I had a great meeting this evening with the adoption coordinator, the birthmom, and her children. We all met for dinner and had time to sit and converse about families, work, and then she invited me to be part of the birth. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to be part of something so personal but have to admit that I'm a bit terrified. I've already told R that his job is going to be snapping pics when they wheel that wee little one to the nursery so you will all have to let him know how his photographer skills add up :-)

More tomorrow and hopefully good pics!


  1. So excited for your family. Cannot wait to see your family of 5!

  2. Oh my goodness! So very excited for you! Can't wait to see the newest Jones! No wonder we haven't seen you and the girls at the pool! Ha! ha!

    Praying for you all!

  3. Ohhhh my goodness...I would be spray'n everything too!!!!