Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surprise! We're home!

Actually, we've been home for a couple of days but I've been just basking in the time alone with all my girls! We left Arkansas on Friday a.m. with the intent of getting home and surprising everyone--two days later and lots of catch up errands, we still had our surprise but we had to bring Grammy, D-daddy, and Aunt Mary in on the secret.

They told the girls that they were coming over to the house to decorate in anticipation of us getting home and you can imagine their surprise when they walked up to the front door and there was a "Welcome Home G and K" sign. I had hoped to get pictures of their surprised looks but everyone was so anxious to meet Maddie that the camera was laid aside momentarily.

Still have lots to fill in from our last couple of days in Arkansas but here are just a few of our first day home pics.

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  1. Hooray!!! Welcome home! Cannot wait to see you guys in August!