Tuesday, June 21, 2011

She's growing!

I think the late nights are starting to catch up with me--I feel my resolve to post every day slipping a little :-) Must take a nap, must take a nap,.......

Yesterday Maddie had her post-discharge follow-up with the pediatrician. The pediatrician said that they like to see newborns back up to their birth weight by two weeks. Our little over-achiever has regained and surpassed her birth weight by 1/4 ounce. She has also grown 1/4"--all this at the one week mark.

R and I are also amazed at how much more active she is becoming. She's definitely getting more alert and staying awake a little longer between feedings. She's trying to lift her head and if laid on your lap, will kick and try to push off with her legs.

We had a great dinner with Alicia and family on Sunday night. She had suggested a local chinese buffet and it was really good---more authentic food than what we find on the buffets at home. I definitely overate and am hoping we can hit it one more time before we leave AR.

Still have to finish up some paperwork with the attorney and am hoping that happens today so that we can start our countdown to coming home. The "open-endedness" of this trip has been and continues to be a challenge. Even though we were on an open-ended trip to the Marshall Islands in 2009 this definitely seems harder and I know it's because the girls are not here with us.

More later and will try to post some new pics!

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