Friday, June 17, 2011

Day or Night?

We have just passed the first 24 hours of having Maddie with us. We spent the day at the hotel just getting to know her and cuddling with her. I'm not positive but I think she may have her days and nights a little mixed up. (My friends at Toddlin' Time are probably laughing about this.) She got up at 2:30am this morning and was awake for at least two and half hours. I loved watching all her little facial expressions and movements but I think I could like it a lot more if it was during the daylight hours:-)

At the hospital, they were feeding Maddie every three hours. Over the last 24 hours, she has eaten sometimes every three hours and sometimes every 2 hours. We were initially concerned because she didn't seem too be latching very well at the hospital but she's doing great now--she's so cute when she's hungry, turning her little head from side to side and putting her hands up to her mouth.

I'm really missing my girls back home! G had her last day of cheer camp today and they did a special presentation. One of our friends sent me some pictures but I can't figure how to get them from the phone over to the computer---times like these that I really don't like technology! One of the pics was of G, K, and G's best friend--it's only been a week but somehow K looks like she has grown in my absence.

I leave you with these pics as we continue to trudge thru the paperwork here-

This was at 9:00am this morning-note that both of them are sleeping :-)

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