Friday, June 24, 2011

To Binky or Not to Binky

To binky or not to binky? That is the question..... The nurses gave Maddie a pacifier at the hospital and we've used it a little bit-at this point she doesn't seem particularly attached to it and I'm thinking that is a good thing. Neither G nor K took a pacifier when they were babies. At about 18 months, G had a small blanket and a favorite doll that she used to be particularly attached to and K has just started showing an interest in a Gloworm doll. It will be interesting to see if Maddie bonds with any one particular thing.

To Binky or Not to Binky?

Yesterday Alicia came over and spent some time with us and then showed us around Springdale. She took us to some of the Marshallese stores--I bought some guams--and showed us where she worked and some of the places that she and her family like to go. It was a nice treat to have the "insider's tour".

She also shared some of the Marshallese customs with us--one concerning the baby's umbilical cord. She said that in the Marshall Islands when the cord drys and falls off that it is given to someone that has a skill that you would like the child to grow to have. For example, if you want them to be a good fisherman, then you would give it to someone in the family who fishes or if you wanted them to be a good farmer/gardener then you would give it to the family member who gardens.

Alicia and Maddie

We finished our evening up with a great dinner at the OK China Buffet. It has a hibachi grill area and also a regular buffet--a great selection of really good food. I'm going to miss it when we go home!

Before we parted for the evening, Alicia gave us some beautiful handicraft gifts that I will take some pics of to share in the coming days. She gave R a handmade bolo (sp?) and myself a wut (sp?. She also gave us the most beautiful handmade picture frames with pics of us and Maddie in them. She still has family in Majuro that make the traditional handicrafts and I'm hoping she can help me coordinate getting some more of the traditional Marshallese baskets.

Our Arkansas Family

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