Monday, June 13, 2011

The Gift

Today was a gift! A day that I will look back on and remember, despite all the stress, turmoil and complete frustration that I've had in the past few weeks moving towards this day, that they have all been worth it. It's all been moving towards this one perfect moment--the entrance into the world of a tiny, new life.

I feel honored and completely blessed to have shared this moment with our birthmom. It would have been easy for her to have left us in the waiting room but instead she opened her heart and let us be part of this moment in time.

Introducing Madelyn Alicia

Arriving 6/13/11, weighing 6lbs 6oz, 19" long. She entered this world with her eyes open and letting us all know that she had arrived.

Here I am!


  1. Mrs. Jones, Can't wait to meet her in real life, not on the computer say's Samantha

    You two are beaming! Happy Early Father's Day Russ! What are you getting Chris for Mother's Day next year?
    God Bless,
    The Dunn's

  2. Congratulations! What a beauty and what a beautiful family!

    Praying for everyon!

  3. Congratulations! So happy to hear about a new family member. Leah had fun with K at Toddling Time. Hope to see you all soon.


  4. Ohhh my sooo sooo excited for you all!!!! Hugs from Liza and Emily!!!!

  5. Welcome baby Madelyn! Can't wait to meet you! You are so BEAUTIFUL! Hugs, Karen & Zoe

  6. I am super excited I found your blog. I am and adoptive mom and my husband and I are working on our next adoption. Through a personal contact, we have possibly been matched with a Marshallese birth mom in Springdale, Arkansas, and I would love to get in touch with you about your experiences - I am so excited to find someone who has gone through something similar. If you would like to, email me at lzierke at juno dot com.

    Your family is simply beautiful!