Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kailee's Birthday Party

You ever get the feeling like it's one non-stop birthday party around here? Between March and April, it seems all we do is eat cake, open presents and plan birthdays. Of course, G and K love it like that and I'll admit it is one of the "fun" moments in parenting. For K's 3rd birthday we had a Sesame Street theme and held the party at her favorite play place----Toddlin' Time. She loves her some Miss Caroline! It was definitely bittersweet since her time at Toddlin' Time is coming to an end. Once preschool starts in the fall she will have officially "aged-out" of her favorite "meet with her peeps" place. Our party theme was complete with Elmo and Oscar veggie trays--thank you very much Pinterest!
And here's the birthday girl.....
She is such a daredevil! Here she is with some of her preschool friends:
Grammy and Baby K
Jones Family pic---somebody please remind me not to sit on that foam mountain anymore--could barely get up and it definitely wasn't pretty to see!
and here we are just before the paper shredding began....lips still stained red for the Elmo cupcakes
Just a few more weeks and it will be time to gear-up for Baby K's first birthday party! Bring on the cake!

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