Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter with the Jones'

Okay, quiet moment is here, little kids are in bed and now I'll post about Easter (and yes, I realize that was several weeks ago :-). With G and K's birthdays only three weeks apart and then Easter thrown right in the middle of that, sometimes the holiday sneaks up and then is gone before I really get to enjoy it. As a family, we always do the same thing on Easter Sunday--we go to Easter Services with Mimi and Papa and then we go "to the beach" to have seafood with my family but I like to throw in a couple of Easter/Spring related activities for the girls. A trip to visit the Easter Bunny is always at the top of my list. The first time that K saw the Easter Bunny at our local mall she immediately turned and wanted to be picked up and so I wasn't holding out much hope for a quality pic this year (if I was able to get one at all), but the old, "your baby sister is sitting with the Easter Bunny" trick was enough to grab a couple of shots and as luck would have it, the first one was a keeper.
Next on the list is an Easter Egg hunt. I took the little girls to the preschool egg hunt and was hoping that we would get to go as a family to our local FCC egg hunt but it was rained out this year and then we weren't able to make the rain date. That was a real downer because this is the first year that G didn't get to do an egg hunt. She didn't seem to be bothered by it but it sure made me realize how grown-up she is all of a sudden.
This year we were lucky enough to get some magic jelly beans. Here the girls are planting them the day before Easter.
Surprise! The magic jelly beans grew into flower lollipops :-)
Easter morning and the girls with their "tote baskets"
Easter Service with Mimi and Papa
Our trip "to the beach" for seafood--it was really windy!
Aunt Jean and our beautiful cousin Elizabeth
"The Three Stooges"--after a long and busy Easter day, the last stop was at Grammy and D-daddy's house and as you can see, they were "done" :-)

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