Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Groundhog Day--in May???

It's Groundhog Day in May.  K and I have recently started having "repeat" conversations.  One of the many is about a little boy in her Toddlin' Time class.

K:  Where's Campbell?
Me:  He's at home with his Grammy.
K:  At home with his Grammy?
Me:  Yes.
K:  She hurt her arm?
Me:  Yes.
K:  She have a pink band-aid?
Me:  Maybe.

We generally have that conversation once a day and on class day, it's several times.  Her other new thing is to point out the traffic lights.

K:  Green "Go"
Me:  Yes
K:  Red "Stop"
Me:  Yes
K:  Yellow "Slooooooowwww Down"
Me:  Yes
K: What's purple
Me:  There aren't any purple traffic lights

And this conversation continues until we've exhausted all the possible colors of the rainbow.  As exhausting as it is sometimes, I know that this is just a stage and will pass all too quickly.  Of course with G, she passed from Groundhog Day straight into non-stop talking, and that was five years ago :-)

I'm feeling pretty accomplished this week as I've managed to get the Mother's Day pics off of the camera and onto the blog, and it's still May.

The reason I get up in the morning.......

Cutest little goat herder you've ever seen!

Baby K and R

Love these cheeseballs!

My gift from my sweet girls.  Not the best pic but each charm has a name engraved on it--absolutely love this because it is so unique from other "mother's jewelry".  You can check it out at

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