Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cheekster or Kneester????

Okay, I've let myself slip a little and have gained a few pounds over the past year but I'm back on the wagon and making an honest effort to get back in shape.  Which brings me to the question-cheekster or kneester?

What are those you ask?  For anyone that doesn't want to talk about underwear, now is the time to close your browser :-)

As I was out for a brisk walk, I happened to take note that our local Victoria Secret store was giving away a free pair of cheeksters with the purchase of a bra.  This was of course advertised with a picture of a young, firm, no-cellulite backside, modeling a pair of said cheeksters. 

What happens to use oldsters?  what kind of underwear are we supposed to buy?  I for one am not a cheekster kind of girl (not sure that I ever was).  With middle-age and my professed lack of exercise, I'm more in line with a pair of kneesters--you know, when your cheeks have started to slide towards your knees--LOL!!  See, I told you to close your browser!

All joking aside, when was the last time you saw a pair of full-coverage underwear in a Victoria Secret ad?  I don't mean the "granny panties", just something that provides a bit more coverage on the backside.  When they start marketing underwear for real women, modeled by real women, maybe I'll start shopping there.

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