Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Best Vacation Ever

We'd been promising G that we would do a trip to the beach for the past two years and so this summer was our time.  In January I booked a beach house in the Outer Banks.  And I'm sure you're thinking, "why did you book so early?"  In my mind, the key to the perfect beach vacation was to find a house that was actually right on the beach--I didn't want to have to cross over the dunes to reach the water, nor did I want to lug three kids and all their beach stuff across the dunes to reach the water.  Hence the reason for booking so early :-)

Location, location, location--that was what it was all about and we found the perfect house.  I initially worried that maybe I had booked a house that was too large--4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths--but by the time I invited favorite friends, favorite photographer, and favorite aunt, I need not have worried about that :-)

It was a great week!  The weather was perfect!  The house was great! and we made quite a few memories that we'll look back on favorably.  Enjoy the pics!

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