Saturday, October 13, 2012

15 Month Stats

I took Baby M for her 15 month checkup and she is currently at 20 lbs 14 oz and 31" tall.  That's just about a pound more than at her 12 month checkup and still three pounds less than K was at the same age.

She is still a very picky eater and I'm finding myself becoming the short-order cook mother that I swore I would never be.  I'm constantly trying to mix in vegetables and fruits with the few things that she likes.  The pediatrician calls it "chaining" when you mix in a food with something that the child likes.  When we were kids, it was just called "sneaking" in the veggies. 

She has seven teeth (4 on top and 3 on the bottom) so I've been reluctant to give her a lot of meat, but just recently added chicken to her diet.  Currently, her favorites include:  macaroni and cheese, carrots, chicken, cheese, spaghetti,  ice cream, and milk.  The dairy products are high on her list, while the veggies and fruits continue to lag behind.

She is one smart cookie!  Her language skills are far beyond what G and K were doing at 15 months.  Of course in their defense, they didn't have two older siblings who were constantly talking to them :-) 

Baby M can say:  mama, dada, gay-cie, bobo, mimi, bad pop pop, momo (for Elmo), grover, tea, juice, no, stop, up, down, baby, bubble, sissy, mammy (for Grammy), night-night, nack (for snack), and the other day she put a hat on her head and said, "look, hat".  I expect that she'll be fully conversational by the time she turns two and when that happens, then there will be three of them that never stop talking :-)

And yes, I still carry her in our Baby Bjorn :-)  This was taken just last week when we made a trip to the State Fair.  Unfortunately, she didn't get to ride any of the amusement rides but she did get to ride around in her big, cushy stroller or either in the pack with me.  And of course, when she was with me, she got to sample all the fair foods! 

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