Thursday, September 24, 2009

Second opinion from the dentist

Yesterday R and I took G to see another dentist for a second opinion. It seems the first dentist was pretty much on target-she is going to need two pulpectomies (root canals), 2 crowns, and has 6 cavities. We're still befuddled over how we could have not known any of this until last month. It really makes you think twice about our family dentist-how could they not have seen even the slightest bit of this?

This dentist also recommended anesthesia and R and I both agree since it involves the root canals and the crowns. It's also supposed to be a 2 hour procedure so even though nitrous oxide (sp?) is an option, the dentist doesn't feel like she would be "under enough" to remain completely still for that long.

All three of us liked this dentist's chairside manner-nice guy, took time to explain and answer all questions, at times spoke directly to G, and his kids go to G's school. His son had Mrs. Copeland for kindergarten last year so knowing that was a big hit for G.

The anesthesiologist comes from Fairfax and only comes once a month so we went ahead and scheduled for the next visit-October 27th. We have our fingers crossed that the two bad teeth will hold out until them. I'll keep everyone posted, but please keep G in your prayers.

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