Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our trip to the State Fair

On Monday we made our annual trip to the State Fair and fun was had by all. G and Grammy did the rides, Baby K and I just hung out, and Ddaddy and R just followed us around.

The trip to the State Fair is that one day when all nutritional limitations are off-we ate fried candy bars, fried donuts, cotton candy, roasted candied nuts, corn dogs, ginger beer (soda). Lest you think that we didn't have anything nutritional to eat, we did follow all that up with BBQ and chicken for dinner.

The fair moved to it's new location this year which actually put it a little closer to us-a little less of a driving distance but the new space is much bigger than the old one so there was more space to walk. If you are thinking about going, wear your walking shoes and take a stroller for the kids (and maybe for the big people if you have one :-)

Baby K and I hanging out

G and Grammy

Ddaddy and R

G and Grammy take the bumper cars by storm

G and Ddaddy try out the tractors

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