Monday, September 14, 2009

Just moving along....

Time is just moving along. G is starting her fourth week of school and Baby K, well, she just continues to grow. Last week she did her first roll from tummy to back and so I excitedly called R and G to come see her latest trick but there was to be no repeat. We've also moved on from cereal to veggies-she loves sweet potatoes! I've got my fingers crossed that she likes the green vegetables as well.

Last week we took G to the dentist because there was a pesky looking spot on one of her molars. This was not our regular dentist but a pediatric dentist. We've been going to our family dentist since G was approx. 2 1/2 and getting her comfortable with the chair and the cleaning procedures but this was the first time that she actually had xrays. I can not tell you how surprised I was to learn that she needs two crowns and has eight cavities-this is all in a little mouth that brushes twice a day and has never drank fruit juice or soda. Because there is so much work to be done, it requires that G be put under anesthesia. R and I are looking to get a second opinion this week. Anyone out there with a recommendation?

This coming week is Baby K's welcome home party. We're looking forward to sharing a time of Marshallese food and music with our family and friends. I was hoping the girls and I could wear our guams and flip flops but I'll have to keep my fingers crossed that the weather holds out!

Thanks Aunt M for sending the pics below-

Guess what Baby K is going to be for Halloween?

Cousin RJ and Baby K

Uncle R and Baby K

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