Sunday, January 26, 2014

Firsts and Lasts

I took the girls to see "Frozen" this past week.  I know, I know, I know. I am probably one of the few remaining people that I haven't seen this movie.  I think it arrived in theaters at Thanksgiving and so I was pleasantly surprised that it was still playing.

This was Little Miss M's first movie in the theater experience.

She looked so little sitting in that big seat and when the movie screen first lit up, she almost looked a little scared from the dolby surround sound.

A little sadness for me......her first movie with all the little reactions that come from trying something new and a last also because by the end of the movie she was completely comfortable in her surroundings, ready to go again.

Also in the list of firsts and lasts, my big girl danced in her first Nutcracker performance.  She was so excited (I think mostly about wearing makeup!) and did such a great job.  She was a "party guest"--there wasn't a lot of actual dance steps, it was more skipping and changing formations, but she shone like a star. 

G has a great stage presence, which I hadn't really noticed before.  I probably should have since she loves to sing, dance, and shows a flair for the dramatic in our daily lives! 

Getting ready for the show!

K performed the part of "proud Lil' Sis" perfectly!

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