Friday, January 24, 2014

There was a little grey tooth

January has already held some excitement here for us.

Little Miss M had her first "unscheduled" visit to the dentist.  The Sunday before Christmas she took a fall at my Mom's house (walking across the kitchen floor in her socks).  There was a little blood from where her teeth cut her lip but I gave here an ice pack and within 24 hours, the swelling was completely gone.  There was no sign that anything had happened, until last week.

G called my attention to her discolored front tooth.  I actually brushed it off thinking that she had just finished some cherry and berry fruit snacks and it was residual sugar.  A pretty thorough brushing at bedtime still didn't remove it and so off to the dentist we went the next morning.

She is now the proud owner of a "dead" babytooth.  Obviously, the fall was a little more significant than we thought.  If we're lucky, the tooth will stay in place and just remain "grey".  If it turns black or looks like infection is setting in, it will have to be removed.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it just stays in place.  As vain as this may sound, I don't want all of here pictures between now and kindergarten to have a missing front tooth.

But then again, this is an opportunity for my fav photographer to practice her Photoshop skills! (Not easy to see, but it is the top front tooth on the left.)

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