Thursday, August 1, 2013

A busy couple of weeks

We've been trying to "catch up" or maybe I should say "get ahead" with all the girl's checkups, dental visits, etc.

It seems like everytime we go for one appointment, it generates another appointment.  In the past two weeks we've seen: the pediatrician a couple of times, the asthma/allergy doc on two separate visits, the eye doctor, the dentist, and had blood drawn at the lab.

Little Miss M's visit to the pediatrician generated a visit to the asthma/allergy doc for further allergy testing.  I have been hesitant to do further testing because the pediatric dermatologist who treats her skin rashes advised that allergy testing is not very accurate until a child reaches age 4 because their immune system is immature.  The pediatrician felt that even though we would need to test again at age 4, it would be helpful to find out what the results were right now.

We had done some minor allergy testing when M was just about 4 or 5 months old because of the skin rashes to rule out a milk allergy.  At that time, the only thing she tested positive for was "cat".  We've tried really hard to minimize the cat exposure over the past 18 months but there have been several instances where she has not been around cats and has had a flare.  I was beginning to think that she was allergic to grass/trees, the chemicals in the swimming pools, sunscreen/different lotions, and maybe even new carpet fibers--there have just been some weird times that she has flared up.

Soooooo, we go this past week for the skin allergy tests and what comes up positive,  the only thing that comes up positive??????  Peanuts.  My child who had previously tested positive for cat on a skin test and a blood test did not have a positive reaction to cat.  There was no reaction to grass/trees/pollen but she tested positive for peanuts.  This is my child who doesn't like peanut butter.  I know that peanuts and nut products are found in a lot of foods nowadays, but I'm just finding it hard to believe that she has tested positive for peanuts.  I think the doc was also a bit surprised about the cat findings and so we just made a trip to the lab for bloodwork to confirm/deny the recent findings.

UUUGGGHHH! So frustrating!

So on to my beautiful K.  We went for her 4 year checkup which is considered the kindergarten screening and she didn't do so well on the eye test.  This morning we went to the eye doctor and she has a astigmatism in both eyes.  Her vision is approximately 20/30 in each eye but because a astigmatism makes everything a little blurry, the doc recommended she wear glasses all the time because at this age all learning is done visually.  It's possible that the astigmatism may get better as she grows or it may get worse.  If it does get worse, it is something that can be corrected surgically when she she is older.

She picked out her own glasses.  Is this kid cute or what?

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