Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Is this mud" and other questions from the Jones house

Some recent conversations from the Jones' house:

K-"Is this mud?" (referring to the gravy on her porkchop)
Me-"No it isn't mud. Have you ever eaten mud?"
K-"It looks like mud."
Me-"I wouldn't feed you mud.  Please, eat your dinner."

Miss M holding a plastic fried egg from her kitchen set:
M-"This icecream?"
Me-"No, it's a fried egg."
Several more attempts by Miss M to confirm that she was holding icecream.  Thinking I needed to clarify my answer since she didn't know what a fried egg was.
Me-"It's an egg that has been cracked open and cooked."
M-"This icecream?"
Feeling like this conversation could go on indefinitely.....while I'm trying to watch something on the TV.
Me-"It's a fried egg but you can use it for anything that you like."
M-"Fine. I'm leaving!"  as she slides off the couch and goes back in the playroom.
Leaving me with a WTH just happened expression!

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