Saturday, August 3, 2013

We've joined the crowd

Yep, we're officially "in".  The Jones family is now an epi-pen carrying member of the peanut allergy crowd.

I'm trying to make light of the situation because honestly, I am completely overwhelmed by it.  Peanuts and nuts are everywhere!  I went to buy a prepared roaster from our local grocery yesterday and it had an allergy warning on it because of a shared preparation space.  I've fed these same roasters to my kids several times over the past year and have unknowingly put my youngest at risk.

We were at a playdate earlier in the week and I brought some potato chips and guess what?  They were cooked in peanut oil.  AAAAHHHHH!

And to complicate my induction into this new society, sometimes peanuts can masquerade as other things.  If the food has hydrolyzed plant or vegetable protein, and has been imported, it may really be peanuts/nuts.

So much to learn, so much to learn........

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