Monday, July 8, 2013

"Mom, almost there?"

The little voice from the backseat that uttered that statement is my two year-old, and this my friends is why all car trips are limited to a max. drive of four hours.  If this is what the two year-old is saying, you can imagine how many times that statement is uttered by the older girls.

I still can't believe that Little Miss M is speaking in sentences.  How did that happen?  It is like somebody flipped a switch, but then again, with two older siblings around, she has to make her communiques pretty clear to get heard. 

I took her for her 24 month checkup last week and she is 33" tall and weighs 25.2 lbs.  We're still having problems with very sensitive skin which may be related to allergies but at this age the immune system is still so immature that allergy testing may give inaccurate results.  The pediatric dermatologist has said that she would treat the skin irritation the same regardless of whether the allergy was known or unknown, but it is still hard to not know what may be causing the flare-ups.  It puts a real damper on summertime activities:  very limited time outside and only after the sun is going down so I can limit sunscreen use and very limited time in the swimming pool because of the possible reaction to the chemicals in the water. 

Here are a few pics from some happenings over the last couple of weeks.

Little Miss M just beamed in every picture that she took with the characters.

Little Miss Drama is what I am now calling K.  I've noticed in almost all recent pictures, she has to "strike a pose".

Always the Big Sis--my G helping her little sis with the birthday crowing.

The girls with cousin C.J. at Mimi's church.

Monkey see, monkey do.  The "strike a pose" is rubbing off on her little sister!

Alica Keys has nothing on this girl singing "This Girl Is On Fire", except maybe a real microphone :-)

Just a pretty smile!

My G is getting so grown-up!

Twenty-five pictures taken and this is the only one that has them all looking forward.

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