Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2013!  I'm looking forward to all the wonderful things this year has to offer--time spent with family and friends, time to watch my girls flourish and grow, and time to recapture some of the things that I enjoy doing (that's code for enjoying a little more "me-time" this year).

Our family had a few changes in 2012 that we managed to get thru.  It might have not have been done gracefully but we muddled thru and we made it.  The biggest change was G's education.  We went from a private school to a university-model school, which equates to her being in class two days a week and homeschooling three days a week.  We also joined a homeschool coop where she has enjoyed some extra-curricular activities.  Homeschooling has been rewarding and downright difficult at times.  I love knowing what she is learning and being a part of that process but trying to incorporate study time with two little ones and then working part-time has at best, been challenging.  I'm looking forward to 2013 and knowing that I've got 2012 "under my belt" as we go forward.

R continues to work a mid-shift, meaning that he goes to work around lunchtime and then works late into the evening. It's challenging for our family time because he only gets to see the girls in the morning before he goes to work and on the weekends (when he's not working).  For those of you with children in activities, you know that most all activities are scheduled in the evenings after school.  So there have been times when I've had all three girls out in the evening, eating dinner on the run, and getting home way past their bedtime (and mine, too).  Hoping that I can be better organized for these events in the new year!

We've been doing a little "re-purposing" of the rooms in our house and will continue this project into the new year as well.  Sometimes (make that most of the time) I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" that we have accumulated.  Funny how life can do that to you-how your ideal picture of what should be in your home is really different from what would be the most practical use of space in your home.  For years, we had a formal dining room complete with a nice table and chairs, and a hutch that contained china and crystal that was never used.  The dining room had become the drop-off point for everything that needed to be "dropped" when you came in the side door.   We made that big jump and got rid of the dining room furniture, made that space my new office, and turned the old office space into a playroom.  The playroom space is now right off of the family room, where everyone spends a lot of time, and so it is a much more functional space than before.  Our next "re-purposing" project is going to be the upstairs guest room which has now become the new dumping spot and then after that, maybe we'll start on the basement. 

This post wouldn't be complete without a pic of the girls to finish out the year.  The following pic was taken by my fav photographer about a week before Christmas at Grammy and D-Daddy's house.  I am completely in love with the matching dresses because they are becoming fewer and more far between as the girls get older--very few places carry matching outfits in the range of sizes that I need now, so enjoy this pic of my elves in their red outfits!

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