Thursday, January 10, 2013

18 Month Stats

Trying to get a quick post up with Baby M's 18 month stats!

At 18 months she is 22lbs 11 oz and 31 3/4" tall.  That is still approximately two lbs. lighter than K was at the same age.  We've transitioned into most of the 18 month clothing.  The shirts are a good fit, the pant length is fine, but they are still a little big in the waist.

She can call G by name and often does so if I tell her no.  She calls K "LaLa". She will now parrot back just about everything you say to her--constantly amazing me!  She is becoming quite accomplished at feeding herself with a spoon and is showing a preference to being right-handed but will still occasionally use the left-hand.

My picky eater, is still a picky eater :-(  I am still slowly incorporating foods into her diet.  If left up to her, I believe she would eat ham, cheese, goldfish and macaroni and cheese every day!

Her play is becoming more imaginative.  She will "feed" her baby, "make" a cup of tea, and loves to play whatever G and K are playing.  When Baby M is faced with conflict among the siblings, she is usually the first one to get physical.  Poor K has had quite a bit of hair pulled out!  She has at times deserved it but I don't think I'm supposed to admit that as the parent!

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