Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Birthday Week!

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted! The rest of February seemed to slide on by quietly and now all hell has broken loose with birthday party celebrations. G turns 8 years old today---how did that happen????

At a very weak moment, I agreed to have a spa party at our house. I know you are thinking, "what was she doing when she agreed to that?" In theory, it seemed to make sense. All the girls would be in one place, no worry about transporting between a nail salon and a place to have cake/ice cream. Now that the time is upon me, I can say that it is sheer lunacy!

I've been hanging pink/green tulle for several days and moving toys around for what seems like forever. You don't realize how many toys you have until you start trying to hide them:-)

It's Tuesday and we've now had birthday cake with both sets of grandparents and she is set to have brownies at school today with her classmates. I now know why every else's parents sent donuts on their birthday!

Lots of pictures will be forthcoming from the party but I leave you with these for now.....

Our first pics of our sweet girl......

and now, looking pretty grown-up......

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