Monday, March 19, 2012

I survived.....

I survived G's birthday week.....just barely, and I still need a few days to recuperate. Who would have thought that turning 8 would be so strenuous?

She started off her week with a birthday dinner at Grammy and D-daddy's house---complete with birthday cake.

Next day was birthday dinner (and another birthday cake) shared with Mimi and Papa.

Then it was her actual birthday day and so we had birthday breakfast (since R works in the evenings) with donuts and presents. (and by now, it was only Tuesday)

After school, Grammy and D-daddy took her for a pedicure and dinner (with more cake).

So now we've made it to Wednesday, and I'm busily trying to get the house ready to host the official birthday party for all the friends---all 13 of the friends. Yeah, I know what you're thinking.....she must have been crazy to agree to that. At the time, it didn't start out with that many attendees, but as time drew closer, it just ballooned.

Saturday finally makes it here and all the guests arrive and all I can say is "Wow"! and loudly and firmly proclaim that I will never do that again. Who would have thought that 8 year old girls could be so lively? I had two nail techs doing manicures and pedicures and I had craft stations setup for the girls to make flip flips and bath salts, but I think I could have used about a dozen or so more activities. It was a challenge for them to wait to have their turn with the nail techs. When it was all said and done, G had a great time and that's all that really matters, but this Momma won't be doin' that again :-)

G and her BFF M

The Bath Salt Station

The very patient Nail Techs hard at work

Note to self: buy cupcakes next time :-)

The Birthday Girl

Loved this pic of my big 8 year old!

A little help opening gifts.....

My favorite present!

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