Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Recap of January

We've had some unseasonably warm days for January---warm enough to play outside with only a light jacket. Mind you, I'm not complaining. I'd be just as happy to get thru the rest of the winter without any snow or ice. I miss the sunlight and the longer days. All of this darkness and cold makes me tired, or maybe that's the lack of sleep because my sweet Baby M is having some sleep difficulties:-) I know I'll just be a much happier camper once the trees start budding out and the grass gets green.

Here are some pics of the girls playing in the backyard. It was Baby M's first time in the swing.

I love watching these two talk to each other--they have their own little way of communicating that they don't seem to share with anyone else.

We are also enjoying our family membership to the Children's Museum (thanks to all our family members who chipped in on this!) The whole family went to the main branch and then I took K and Baby M to the Short Pump location when we were in Richmond for a doctor's appointment. Neat places to play and visit!

G in the art studio

K "picking apples" with Daddy

We celebrated Mimi's birthday with a lunch out and I managed to get a pic of the cousins---actually, I took about 30 pics of the cousins to get this one shot where they are all looking forward.

Are they cute cousins or what?

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